Made from botrytized grapes (noble rot), the golden Aszú wines are rich in sweetness and balanced with high acidity. Layers of flavour and complexity with long ageing potential.

Grape varietals:
Furmint, Yellow Muscat, Harslevelu


Loosely translated to “as it comes”. Late harvest sweet wine made from a blend of overripe and botrytized grapes. Lighter than the Aszú, yet rich in flavour with refreshing acidity.

Grape varietals:
Furmint, Yellow Muscat, Harslevelu


Tokaj’s most planted grape varietal. Complex with pleasant acidity and crisp minerality. Notes of quince, pear, apricot and lemon. Gently aged in Hungarian oak.

Grape varietal:

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Kiraly means “king”, a historic vineyard located at the foot of the highest volcanic mountain of Mád. Stony and clay soil produces mineral rich wines. Southeast facing rows.



Over 40 years old vines with south row direction. Grapes mature the earliest within this territory. The white ‘riolittufa’ rocks in the soil result in spicy and complex wines.



Our oldest plantation is grown within Bomboly, some Furmint vines over 100 years old, evident from the concentration and wide spectrum of notes. Southwest facing steep rows.



Deemed as one the most prestigeous vineyards in Mád with red clay upper layer and a zeolite subsoil. It has a far reaching reputation for age-worthy wines.



Rockiest area amongs all our vineyards with several soil layers, a mixture of red clay and riolittufa. Uragya produces highly bodied and complex wines.



Over 35 years old Furmint and Harslevelu grapevines that are used for our sweet wines. Yields are highly botrized thanks to the properties of the red clay found here.



The vineyard lies on 300 meters long steep hillside. Soil is a mixture of red clay and quartz. Grapes of different ages are planted here on several small parcels.


Dry Wines

Juliet Victor produces linear, mineral-driven dry Furmint wines which emphasize the volcanic terroir and express the individual qualities of each vineyard. Unique terroir qualities are fully expressed in our state-of-the-art facilities that are complemented by ageing in large Hungarian oak casks. These casks are lightly toasted, with the intention to enhance rather than mask the fruit.

Sweet Wines

Juliet Victor’s botrytised sweet wine blends, Aszu and Szamorodni are produced from a blend of each year’s exceptional plots. Every vintage is specially blended by our winemaker by finding the ideal proportion of Furmint, Harslevelu and Yellow Muscat grapes to express the signature Juliet Victor estate style. These world-renowned Tokaji specialties can be savoured young but will also age beatifully.

Why Juliet Victor

Thanks to a geographic position between the 30th and 50th North parallel and a rich traditon, Hungary continues to be one of the world’s most optimal wine growing countries. The Tokaji wine region, which shares a similar longitude as Burgundy, was first demarcated in a 1737 Royal Charter and proudly boasts the status of Protected Designation of Origin.

Juliet Victor’s exceptional grape wines and rich terroir support the title of being one of the most noble of wines. With its unique taste, color and complexity, Juliet Victor is the essence of Hungary’s authentic and most prestigious wines. Juliet Victor’s world of complexity showcases the perfect balance of history and modernity: historical terroir and high-technology production. Juliet Victor brings wine lovers elegant dry white wines, as well as truly exceptional sweet wines.

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