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Our Estate

Vaxco Vineyards nestled within the boundaries of Mád within the historical Tokaj wine region

Our History

Hailing from the Váradi family’s Vaxco Vineyards nestled within the boundaries of Mád within the historical Tokaj wine region, a protected unesco world heritage site – an exceptionally rich terroir featuring a patchwork of different soils. Juliet Victor’s world of complexity showcases the perfect balance of history and modernity: historical terroir and high-technology production. Juliet Victor brings wine lovers elegant dry white wine and a truly unique sweet dessert wine.

Juliet Victor is my way of “giving back”. We used to say with friends: life is too short to drink bad wine. I believe Tokaj wine region, especially Mád, has the potential for world class wine-making. Juliet Victor is exclusive and inclusive at the same time, it is an experience that makes life better. Flying makes the world better by creating a condition for happiness. Juliet Victor was born to help us enjoy happiness - this makes my personal story round and complete.”

József Váradi, owner of Juliet Victor

Mád, one of the greatest historical settlements in Tokaj-Hegyalja

The Winery

Mád, as one of the greatest historical settlements in Tokaj-Hegyalja, gives home to the most prominent vineyards of the wine-growing region. With their various volcanic soils, ideal location and unique microclimate, these areas allow the creation of high-quality, exciting wines. Along with the vineyards, the grapes and the knowledge gained over hundreds of years, the building of the winery itself is also an important part of the wine-making process. In Mád, the majority of the wineries are not built within vineyards, however are part of the historical landscape of the town, neighbour to private residences and various public buildings.

The Territory

Within the world-known Tokaj region, the historic town of Mád provides Juliet Victor with the perfect climate conditions, soil and vine terroir combined with the skill and craftsmanship of the unique fermentation and aging processes.

The grapevine located in Betsek territory


Within the enchanting surrounding of the Betsek territory, 3 hectares of vineyard with a 3.2 m x 1 m plant-to-plant distance and 40 years of history can be found. The grapevine has perfect solar resource due to its wide line spacing and south row direction, grapes mature the earliest within this territory in particular. Because of the white ‘riolittufa’ rocks, we are able to harvest extraordinarily mineral and complex crops. In order to save the aging crops, we utilized trunk renewal process on the plantation. This special place is the cradle of our 2017 venomous, sophisticated and spicy Furmint, named after the vineyard.

The 25-year-old Király vineyard


Within the historical Király vineyard there are 3 hectares of connecting vineyards with a 2.4 m x 0.9 m plant-to-plant distance. The parcel is home to 1 hectare of furmint, 1 hectare of hárslevelű and 1 hectare of yellow muscatel grape varieties. The imposing plantation is at the foot of the highest volcanic mountain of Mád - the soil is a mixture of riolittufa and clay within its soil. The 25-year-old vines are beginning to reach its roots, that ideal magnitude and depth, from which very complex grapes may ripen due to minerals in the soil.

Szent-Tamás being one of the most complex vineyards of Mád


Szent-Tamás is one of the most complex vineyards of Mád, rich in minerals, where we own a plantation of 0.4 hectares of 2.4 m x 1 m. Despite the past plantations happened in 1962, the area has 98% of original furmint and hárslevelű grapes. The upper layer of the soil is a red clay which has a 3 meters thick layer on the surface - the subsequent subsoil is a continuous zeolite layer. Walking along the rows you may soak in the calmness of the old grapevines - small and loose clusters, thinner sprouts characterize this particular plantation.

The Úrágya vineyard which serves as a top soil for a highly bodied, complex fruit


In the western part of Mád we grow our vine at the Úrágya vineyard - 0.6 hectares with a 2.6 m x 1 m plant-to-plant distance. This are is composed of furmint and hárslevelű varieties where we produce dwarf cultivation to avoid dense leaf development. This soil is the rockiest area amongst all our vineyards, a mixture of red clay and riolittufa. The Eszterházy Károly University of Eger conducted 20 meters deep drills on this territory, which affected 11 soil layers. All the above exemplifies the colorful palette of the subsoil and the vine root within this mineral milieu, which serves as a top soil for a highly bodied, complex fruit. The vineyards are surrounded by so-called ‘rock bastions’, which does not just set the mood but also have a unique microclimate.

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