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The Territory

Mád one of the wine-growing regions

Mád, as one of the greatest historical settlements in Tokaj-Hegyalja, gives home to the most prominent vineyards of the wine-growing region. With their various volcanic soils, ideal location and unique microclimate, these areas allow the creation of high-quality, exciting wines. Along with the vineyards, the grapes and the knowledge gained over hundreds of years, the building of the winery itself is also an important part of the wine-making process. In Mád, the majority of the wineries are not built within vineyards, however are part of the historical landscape of the town, neighbour to private residences and various public buildings.

As a consequence, in general the architecture of the wineries is small-town, village-like - due to their design they are not considered as large establishments, but part of the organic and everyday life of the village that has a tight relationship with wine.

The Juliet Victor winery is also part of this historic city structure - it is located in a renovated and extended former farmhouse. During the reconstruction, we made sure to keep all important elements of the original building, to blend in within the historical street view and to modernise it for today's needs with particular attention to the modern wine-production technology. The goal was to create a timeless house, which could have stood there for the past 100 years, however with contemporary features that also serves today's needs and modern technology. To achieve this we utilised local materials, including limestone of Mád that is one of the signature design elements of the house. The volcanic soil contributes significantly to the character of the wines we produce here, making its role multi-layered and highlighted.

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